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Just to let you know, I'm really grateful! Thank you~
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otahunchan18 -PC of Rin
Yosimio Kiriban price of Ava
xXLovelyRose95Xx -Contest price/reference of Ava
Miiukka -PC of Ava (I haven't paid yet)

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I was featured by :iconchewsome:

The idea is to feature the first 20 people who leave a comment here >u<

1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the 5 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
2. If you're featured, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1: :iconchewsome: Unbelievable! You're so young yet so talented! I mean, come on! Just look at her artwork guys asdfghjkl.
I just LOVE how you draw their hairs >u< outstanding job~ the shading and lightning are just perfect!
Within Eyesight by Chewsome[Kagerou Project] Ene by ChewsomeI Am Nature by Chewsomeheadshot by ChewsomeChibi Commission For xXleslie-salXx by Chewsome

2: :iconsilverthehedgehogyes: Your gallery is filled up with the cutest pics EVER!! I seriously can't get enough of your art! ^w^
(Omg dem Sonamy :love:) HOW THE HECK CAN YOU DRAW LIKE THAT??!?! :stare: (Pssst, check out her Zone Cop comic. DO IT)
Sonamy Boom - colored by SILVERtheHEDGEHOGyesBass by SILVERtheHEDGEHOGyesZone the hedgehog - AT by SILVERtheHEDGEHOGyesAnti Classic Couples - Sonic CD version by SILVERtheHEDGEHOGyesBurning Blue Arrow by SILVERtheHEDGEHOGyes

3: :iconrani-ki: Okay, OKAAAYY. Dude (Or Dudette~), I think my eyes are burning up because of your AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK! I'm so impressed of your colour technique! Just... WOW! What can I say? You are very skilled girl! ^w^ Never stop drawing, alright?~
Sweet Devil AU by Rani-ki|CM| Vlad for Frozen-Q by Rani-ki|CM| Beniko for Dory888 by Rani-ki|AT| AmePana for Kami by Rani-ki|CM| Alice Kirkland for T-otty by Rani-ki

4: :iconkearry: When I started to take a closer look on your gallery, I began to desperately searching for your commission journal O__O I wanted to commission you SO BAD because you really have a wonderful style and the lighting you use, gives a lot of life and deepness in your drawings ^w^ and I just love it!! :heart: (I felt so lucky when you finally opened your comms x3 *angel sing*) Besides that, you're new on DA and you are already popular! Awesome job girl! ^o^
White Wing by Kearryhigh by KearryLane and Anna by KearryFairy-girl by KearryHello! by Kearry

5: :iconguguda01: What have caught me eyes the most, is that you are trying to keep in balance between traditional art and digital art and that's super duper great! >u< and it looks like that you're slowly mastering the digital artwork~ big respect my friend! :la: keep doing it!! Your art is great ^^
Marceline by Guguda01Sonamy by Guguda01Amy (again...) by Guguda01Chiibi me (edited) by Guguda01Just being 'Amysome' by Guguda01

6: :iconcoletathecat: *LE GASP* OMG, CUTE ART ALERT EVERYWHERE!!!
Oh dear, you really have a creative mind when it comes to clothing design. I love them and I wish I could have every single of them, hanging in my wardrobe  >w< whaa! Your art inspires me 8 A 8 Where do you get your ideas from?!?! Tell me! > A <
Amelia 'Amy' Rosetta by Coletathecat.:Mermaid Tikal:. (request) by ColetathecatShadamy - Cards by Coletathecat Sonamy Story - Amy's Diary ~ Chapter 1Chapter 1 - Amy or Sally?
Amy was walking out of the store where she got her new diary that she ordered. "Finally I got my new diary! I can't wait to write my memories in it!" When she walked around the corner she bumped into a blue hedgehog. "Whoa!" they both said. "Ah... My head..." Amy said while getting up. "Ouch..." the blue hedgehog said. "Oh I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" Amy said while helping him a hand. "Yeah... Thanks..." When he got up he looked at her and saw who she was. "A..Amy?! What are you doing here?..." he said. Then Amy saw him too and said surprised:"Sonic?... Did I just... Never mind... I gotta go,bye!" And she walked towards home and so did Sonic.
When Amy came home she closed the door and putted the coat,earwarmers and scarf off. "Well... That was a little bit emberassing... I think I'm going to make some hot chocolat and read a book..." she said while walking to the kitchen. Just when she putted the cup into the microwave the doorbell rang. "Who could that be?"
.:Coli~chan:. by Coletathecat

7: :iconcuteygirl226: :stare: another one who I forgot to add to my Watcher list. Shame on Panda .___. I'm so sorry girl...
Enough of my babbling! Ahem... oh goodness, so much pastel colours, so much pink, so many awesome GIF's and the most important, so MUCH CUTENESS!!! Woah, I am truly amazed about every single piece of art you have in your gallery =w= I freaking love your style girl and it looks like you put so much hard work and time on them ;w; don't forget to take small breaks during your work~ Lovely gallery :heart: keep up the great work~
Tails The Mighty Smash Up Hero by cuteygirl226These Too Cutie Pies by cuteygirl226RedxBlue- Mario Cosplay by cuteygirl226Art Trade for Tabz by cuteygirl226Kimono Night Lake by cuteygirl226

8: :iconannaelsa9: xD pfffft! You have some funny Hetalia stuff, oh crappp. I can't stop laughing xD! Ugh!
I think you're zhe artist with humor :3 that's also important to make your watchers laugh and feel comfortable when they are looking up in your awesome gallery ^o^ Btw, I really like your Seychelles and Raindow Dashie pic >w<
Schychells by annaelsa9Idk Rainbow Dash by annaelsa9another 1 of these things by annaelsa9Russia luvs Hello Kitty by annaelsa9well, this is very random of me..... by annaelsa9

9: :icongenisay: Alright! This artist have some very varied art here ^o^ and I really like that idea :3
Uwaaah, It's hard for me to decide on what to feature because she has a lot of great stuff OwO you really should go and check her out! Oh girl, you draw the anime characters and Sonic character sooo well!! 8 A 8 You put a lot of details on every drawing you make. I especially love your lineart drawings :heart: gosh, dem details =w= 
The Flame by GenisayCommission: Mine! by GenisayHaydrian: Healer Icon WIP by GenisayMicha as Noel Vermillion by GenisayPrincess Mandy and Peach Tea Knight for Mandy-kun! by Genisay

10: :iconrobotnikholmes: Dude, you got some nice pixel art >u< Keep 'em up!~
Connall Robotnik Bio (Picture) by RobotnikHolmesConnall and Nika The Empire's Finest! by RobotnikHolmesUsing Your Thinking (Ice) Cap by RobotnikHolmesA Very Handsome Octopus by RobotnikHolmesCommission - Smooch by RobotnikHolmes

11: :iconmochikotiger: ...I'm speechless, I don't understand on how you can draw like that! I love the way you colour your drawings and the way you do the very thick lineart~ Your gallery sure is full of life and inspirations!! ^o^ I must say, you have the cutest OC EVER!! :love: (Can I just marry your gallery?? Pleeeeease!! >o<!!)
Perpetually Chibi by mochikoTigerCommission: Candy Apples by mochikoTigerFluffy Hug by mochikoTigerThe Lovely Loli Lucy by mochikoTigerMarcus Sayre Aitkens by mochikoTiger

12: :iconsleetanddingolover: This girl writes a bunch of Sonic fanfics :meow: why don't you go and take a look?
ALSO, she have some colourful traditional drawings!~ :la: yaaaay!!
Wittle Silvy doodles by SleetandDingoloverFreedom Fighter Tori the cat by SleetandDingolover Tori and Ritz story"Awright, guys! Ya ready?" Sonic said to Tori and Ritz.
Tori and Ritz exchanged glances. Ritz nodded, and Tori turned back to Sonic.
"As ready as we'll ever be." She said with a slight smirk.
Sally looked up from Nicole at the two girls. "Great. Just remember to check in every night at ten o'clock sharp, okay?"
"Yes, Princess. We'll do our best." Tori responded.
"Good luck." Sally said as she shook Tori's hand. "I trust you."
"Stay cool!" Sonic said to both girls, and raised his hand for a high-five.
Ritz high-fived him, and Tori smiled.
With that, the two cats headed into the forest, away from Knothole.
As both girls exited the forest, they stopped.
Tori gulped
and looked at the ugly Robotropolis skyline. " seems like it was just yesterday that..."
"That we were both working our butts off for Rena-mutt-nik, and you were nuts?" Ritz finished.
Tori shivered. "Yes...I never thought that I...that we...would be coming back here."
"I know. Me neither." Ritz responded.
"But, it's ou
Arabian Frights (WIP) (old) by SleetandDingoloverColor Baadd by SleetandDingolover

13: :iconsikyusonic: >w> *Sigh* girl, you already know that I :heart: your drawings till no end. =^o^= you really are improving (way too fast) and that scares me! xD haha~ (jk) I always get excited of your newest deviations~ "Yes! Sikyu-san has updated :stare: about time you slowhog" (Jk again <3) Ah buddy, you do an awesome job when it comes to poses and colouring. Your style is easy to recognize and not all artists can do that. Big respect! You're truly awesome and funny!~ By "funny" I come to think of your hilarious comics xD omg, where do you get your ideas from?? They are GOLD :stare: please, keep up your great job and stay awesome :hug: (Dang, I wish I could feature everything from your gallery T__T)
Look Alikes by SikyuSonicRQ: What I Want For Christmas... by SikyuSonicMaking Music by SikyuSonicMy First Sonamy by SikyuSonicBDay Gift: Poor Cake... by SikyuSonic

14: :iconkameiko: Finally I get the time to check out your gallery, and oh god... it's glorious! QwQ
I really like your OC's ^w^ they are very cool and interesting, actually  I'm kinda honored that I got to draw one of them, veeeh~ xD Those pose =w= woah! You get the angles perfectly!~ Awesome job!~ (Come one guys, this girl needs moah luv 'n' watchers. She's truly great!! :la:)
You were saying.? by kameikoEnerjak-Soul orb by kameikomy three friends by kameikoId-2014 by kameikoSF mini shrine by kameiko

15: :iconamythestdiamond: Your gallery is simply neat and colourful with a hint of cuteness!~ :33 great job ^^
Amythest Diamond SA2 Design by AmythestDiamondFan Character/OC :Sonic- Collab#1 by AmythestDiamondFan Characters: Sonic- Commissions#1 by AmythestDiamondSuper Amythest Version 2 by AmythestDiamondFan Character: Sonic- Gift#1 by AmythestDiamond

16: :iconhi-tuvy: This artist has a HUGE love for furries! You don't believe me? Then check him/her out NOW :stare:
Your artwork is really cool :D Honestly, your gallery has lots of calm colours and I like it ^^ please, keep up the great job~
Two kinds of magic -CO- by Hi-TuVyYaoi warning: Sonadow HAPPY FOOLS DAY!!) by Hi-TuVyPlayin With Fire by Hi-TuVyOHHHH INK~ by Hi-TuVyNever forget -CO- by Hi-TuVy

17: :iconandi-chin: Ah dear :love: I just love your Disney pics! -And your chibis, Omg I want to hug them all and keep them on my table (Where I can watch them at day and night, 24 hours) o3o They look super cute in your style~ You're a very varied artist too, you can tell that I'm impressed :la: Aiyaaa I freaking love your gallery. It's too shiny for my eyes to handle xD awesome job~
Mulan by Andi-chinIgiko trasnparent by Andi-chin[Vocaloid pixels] MAYU by Andi-chinFlowers by Andi-chinThe Evenstar by Andi-chin

18: :iconsegamastergirl: I can't breathe O3O I feel like a big rainbow have taken over me! Dang girl, those colour skills of yours are amazing =w= your gallery is extremely shiny too! Just looking at your fantastic pics makes me breathless. What surprises me the most is that you have improved so much in these past 2 years!! You're insane! How?? I mean, how do you do it??
Awesome job!~
CE: The Time of Our Lives by SEGAmastergirlPoint Commission: Rain by SEGAmastergirl23 Years by SEGAmastergirl-CE- What once was by SEGAmastergirlDon't Forget... by SEGAmastergirl

19: :iconmumblepenguin: This creative dude has some REALLY awesome artwork ^^ Your drawing style is really cartoonish and simply cool! I love those style >w< it makes me want to go back and watch some old OLD cartoons that I love (or used to love).
Your gallery makes me smile too 'cause everything I see is positive :heart: Every drawing has their own little story (Heck, even the buildings, the sun and the clouds have faces >3< that's cute!!) Great job!~ :D
Sonic Colors - Happy (4PM) by MUMBLEPENGUINIsmar in Super Mario Bros 3 - New ID 2015 by MUMBLEPENGUINAli the Koala - Charlie Chaplin Time! by MUMBLEPENGUINRayman Origins!!! by MUMBLEPENGUINWander Over Yonder - The joke by MUMBLEPENGUIN

20: :iconspeedy375: You have some cool OC's and nice adopts! x3 Your traditional artwork are simply neat yet cartoonish too~
I especially like your "Sup? Party!" it has lots of details and honestly, I wish I was to that party xD (Though, I'm not really the big party type...) 
Female Sonic/ Mobian Adopt's 2 (Closed) by Speedy375Leilani The Hedgehog by Speedy375Sup? Party! by Speedy375Sonic Says Happy Halloweew by Speedy375Sally and Nicole by Speedy375

21: :iconlouiseugeniojr: Woah! Lots of cool furry drawings! >w< I like them! Keep 'em upppp~~
Every character looks so happy! ;3;
Amy and Sally's Halloween Cosplay by LouisEugenioJRMy Sonic Boom Team by LouisEugenioJRChrissy as Toon Link by LouisEugenioJRALT Sonic Girls' Ghostly Tickling by LouisEugenioJRWhitnee as Peach by LouisEugenioJR

22: :iconangelfeather13: GYAAAAH!! 8 A 8 Those adorable chibis! Hnnng x3
I really like the way you draw their eyes :heart: I can tell you that your gallery is full of adorableness!~
You seem also to improve hella fast like the lightning of a thunder, wow :la:
You have an awesome drawing style, girl. The lines in their hair looks detailed and very complicated to do, though, I'm pretty sure you have a lot of patience while working on them x3 asdfghjkl keep up the awesome work!~
.:PC:. Maria by Angelfeather13.:PC:. Gabriel and Satan by Angelfeather13.:PC:. Rosey and Daeandorwulf by Angelfeather13.:Contest:. Freedom by Angelfeather13.:Gift:. I am here for you by Angelfeather13


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Gotta go fast!! :D

Hi! 'Sup there? :meow: You can call me Panda, like the bear xD
I'm just a silly girl who lives in Denmark (the smallest country in the world xD) but actually born in Peru.
I :heart: Sonic the hedgehog! ^o^ and icecream
Maybe you wonder why I'm writing "geo" as my signature, huh? Imma right?
It's actually my nickname. Everyone calls me that IRL. Don't think I'm a girl who have a boys name xD haha. I prefer being called Panda here on DA ♥♥ eeyup
I have a big passion for traditional and digital artwork :3

My dream is to become a cartoon artist/comic creator and maybe an animator OwO
I would LOVE to work together with other amazing and talented people :squee:
(But I suck at everything... TT3TT) So... keep practising! :dummy:
My icon ---> :iconpandalana: is made by this lovely gurl-> :iconkazumifox2:

Awesome friends I like!~ :squee:
Danish Language Level: Expert by MicoNutziriPeruvian Language Level - Expert by WingsUnchainedFrench 2 by Faeth-design
Azurill by CreepyJellyfish

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